IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal works as the light applied to the epidermis is absorbed by the melanin and transformed into heat, thus targeting the hair follicle. Only the “active hair” can be treated so a set of treatments is necessary for a gradual and visible hair reduction. The number of treatments ranges from 6-10, this varies from client to client.

We use the most advanced technology to provide safe and effective permanent hair reduction treatments customized for each individual’s hair, skin colour and sensitivity.

All IPL treatments are performed by paramedical or dermal aestheticians.

Note: Only active hair can be treated.

Pricing – Females

Upper Lip $55 Chin $65
Lip & Chin $99 Sides of face $110
Stomach (Snail Trail) $99 Bikini (pant line) $75
G-String (extended bikini) $99 Underarms/td> $75
Leg Below Knee inc. feet & toes $380 Leg Above Knee/td> $400
Full Leg/td> $600 Arms below elbow inc hands $250
Full Arm $370 Areolas $8

Pricing – Males

Chest (Waist up) $320 Chest & Stomach $400
Stomach $200 Back $440
Shoulders $200 Middle Brow $55
Half Face $250 Half Face & Neck $330
Ears (Outer Only) $80