Paramedical aesthetics and paramedical camouflage is not just about dealing with cosmetic surgery patients but any patient who comes in contact with the reconstructive and rejuvenating skill of a plastic surgeon. We offer treatments to provide ultimate care to restore health and enhancing beauty for the following;

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Camouflage Make Up
  • Chemotherapy
  • Transgender Reassignment

Fiona Jones is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Paramedical Aesthetician. Pre and post surgery treatments are performed to minimise scarring and minimise the downtime needed to recover after surgery. Anxiety reduction is a key factor since the body heals a lot quicker and more effectively when a patient is relaxed. Fiona feels very happy and fortunate to be able to serve clients through a career, which she finds deeply rewarding, excited and ever-challenging.

So what is a Paramedical Aesthetician?

Paramedical Aesthetics is a new-highly specialised field that moves the beauty business beyond maintenance, pampering, or limited anti-ageing beauty treatments, bridging into a new realm of highly effective therapy and service.

An aesthetician has significantly more advanced training and experience in the medical aspects of skin and skin treatments. Paramedical aestheticians evaluate the skins condition and superficial and medium depth peels for sun damage and ageing skins. They are involved in the pre-operation preparation for plastic surgery, as well as immediate and long-term post operative care. A paramedical aesthetician will individualise skin care regime’s to maximise the skin’s health and outward appearance.

A paramedical aesthetician works with clients whose skin or appearance is affected by trauma, or a medical procedure, such as surgery.

What types of treatments are performed?

  • Anxiety reduction is a key factor since the body heals a lot quicker and more effectively when the patient is relaxed
  • Pre and post surgery treatments are best purchased as a course to get the best results from your surgical experience
  • A Pre and post operative care course will offer you a higher quality of care with less downtime and minimal scarring. This enables you to get back to your every day lift a lot quicker as well as minimising pain
  • At home visits can also be organised for your comfort
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy, or LDT is a very gentle and extremely effective and important part of your pre and post operative treatment plan. LDT is performed to stimulate circulation, promoting efficient lymphatic drainage to speed recovery, cutting valuable time off the healing process.
  • Some of the many benefits of LDT are reduction in swelling, pain and discomforts, stimulation of the immune system, and improved rest and relaxation
  • Improvement of the lymph flow softens and improves elasticity of the tissue, and cleanses and nourishes tissue while eliminating excess fluid.

A Multitude of Benefits


  • Prepares skin for medical procedures and treatments
  • Improves outlook
  • Decreases time necessary to fully recover
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Strengthens immune system efficiency

Post –Op

  • Reduces swelling, pain and discomforts
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Induces relaxation
  • Improves lymph flow, softens and improves elasticity of the tissue
  • Lymphatic drainage boosts the immune system
  • LED light accelerates the natural healing process, minimising scarring
  • Professional scar care is recommended
  • Camouflage make up can be taught to cover imperfections
  • Cleanses and nourishes tissue and removes excess fluid

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