Glammatan – Available in 3 dazzling colours – to suit every skin type. Whether you are blonde, redhead or brooding brunette, our Champagne, Shiraz and Sarsparilla colours will guarantee turning heads at your enviable colour!

Tips for the most flawless tan ever:

  • Thoroughly exfoliate the night before
  • Any hair removal to be done 24 hours prior
  • Shower just prior to your session
  • Wear no moisturiser or deodorant to your session, and wear dark, loose fitting clothing afterwards
  • Do not shower or exercise until 8-10 hours after your tan
  • Use an SLS Free body wash and avoid anything which may exfoliate your skin such as long hot baths, exposure to chlorinated water or exfoliating gloves or sponges
  • Moisture, moisture, moisture for maximum colour retention!